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8:33 AM

Rugged Style

I am sure that we have all seen the dudes who drive pickup trucks that are painted in camouflage paint. It is a great way to tidy up an older vehicle, because it represents a style. It is the same as driving a VW Beetle. It has timelessness, the year of the vehicle does not matter. The vehicles in both instances are rugged and practical. It is the same with what is known as tactical clothing. It is made to military or police specifications, and so is a lot more durable than regular clothing. Take for instance 5.11 Jackets. They come in a good range of styles, but the overall image of style is the same, practical and rugged.
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12:44 AM

The cry...

...that melts my heart!!!...it is so cute though, I can't stand babies when they cry like this. I have to pick them up. When I have my baby long time ago, he was spoiled as there were lots of adults in the house to take care of him. He was the first baby in our house. Now my parents have four grand children. Emmanuel in this photo being the latest one..I just wanna pick him up here...
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11:58 AM

Snow, then rain, then warm.

As I mentioned before, a great time of the year.
We just get a few bad days like we have just had, with about 6 inches of snow, and now the forecast is warming up and raining, then the rain stopping.
We have to pay to have the driveway plowed, $30 each time this year, so it is good when there is enough warm weather and maybe rain to clear away the snow. Then the cycle starts all over again.
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10:52 AM

Local Singles

Some people say that the way to find someone these days is to look them up on the internet. The problem is that most websites list people that live miles and miles away, that it would be impractical to try to hook up with, due to the distance. But now there is localmatch.com who specialize in Local Singles.
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10:47 AM

A Great Time Of The Year

What I like about this time of the year is that the snow tends to melt away after a few days. The real winter starts around Christmas, and then it will remain cold and white until maybe the end of March, with maybe just a couple of brief thaws (that I hate because they create ice) during January and February.
Once the ground itself gets really cold, it makes it less slippery, as the ice is sort of dry.
So, I have just a couple of more weeks to enjoy it, then we can settle in for the cold of winter.
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6:34 PM

Bike Customizing

We had a snowstorm the other day, and I noticed a motorcycle outside an apartment building. Now, I know that it can be done, driving a bike in winter, but this time of the year might be a better time to get the bike ready for next summer, rather than riding it. At cruisercustomizing.com they have customizing gear for most popular makes, including Harleys. They also have listings for other makes, and they are set up be the particular model, such as the honda shadow 750.
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6:18 AM

Proxy Parents

My parents were just so sad they couldn't attend my brother's wedding in the Phils. But my brother really took the time to hunt  the best next ones:) So here they are,  one of mom's closest cousin as the proxy mom and  dad's brother as the proxy dad
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